Offering scholarships with a value of 18,000 RMB to a maximum of 40,000 RMB per year and a monthly living allowance will also be provided. Apply Now
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How To Apply


  • One-to-one counseling service
  • 600+universities, 13 disciplines, 80+majors
  • Online 7*24h feedback
  • Analysis of Professional Employment Prospect
  • Customized study plan


  • Evaluation of application materials
  • Majors & Universities matching
  • 300+ agreement universities,1000+ scholarship offers, exclusive application channels
  • Translation & optimization services
  • No time difference, no language barrier, smooth follow-up
  • Mailing offer

Pre-departure Preparation

  • Visa guidance
  • Accommodation booking
  • Pre-departure preparation briefing
  • Pick-up & currency exchange booking

When you arrive in China

  • Pick-up service in airports of big cities
  • Registration in school and dormitory
  • Home-school communication
  • Automated membership privileges (i.e.,
  • participating in activities of international students free of charge, and giving priority to job opportunities etc.)

Global Career

Global Career

Career Planning

  • Self-assessment
  • Options
  • Goals
  • Actions
Global Career

Employment Guidance

  • Occupational choice
  • Job market & policy
  • Interview skills
  • Adapting to workplace
Global Career


  • Electing entrepreneurial projects
  • Preparing the complete business plan
  • Legal Procedures for Starting a Business
  • Venture capital raising & management
Global Career

Job Arrangement

  • Job training
  • Internship, Employment opportunities
  • Employment recommendation
  • Pre-job training


  • Q: How can I choose a course to start?

    A: Deciding what to study in China requires lots of research. Generally speaking, you may have to think about how to choose an ideal course, find a right university, and choose a suitable city.
    JTRH will guide you to find an ideal course from the above aspect:
  • Q: How to choose a suitable city?

    A: One big thing you may consider of is the location where you will study in.
    Different places suit different people, so it depends what you're looking for.
    China's huge domain allows it to embrace great diversities in its cities.
    Take a look at our city guide and hot cities to find a city you want to study and live in.
  • Q: How to find a right university?

    A: Apart from economic growth initiatives, the BRI Program also involves sci-tech exchanges, educational cooperation, cultural tourism, green development, foreign aid and others, all these are closely related to your life.

    Infrastructure development spree overseas creates more jobs both for local residents and Chinese far away from their homeland, increased international trade expands the assortment

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