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Bachelor Scholarships

Bachelor Scholarships

In 2021, Although there are few scholarship quotas for undergraduate students. Through unremitting efforts, we have still applied for many scholarships and prestigious programs for more than 100 undergraduate study applicants from more than 10 countries, including Russia, Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Universities in the different cities, first-tier cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai. There are also other very popular cities, such as Chongqing, Xi'an, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and so on. There are various different majors: business administration, international economy and trade, finance, economics, Chinese language international education, and other popular majors. These undergraduate scholarship programs include full scholarships, partial scholarships. Therefore, the students who apply for undergraduate study have achieved their wish through JTRH: to successfully enter their favorite Chinese universities, but also get a scholarship.

Bachelor Degree Scholarship in China

In 2021, the number of scholarships for undergraduate international students in various universities will generally not be too much, and the number of scholarships in the future may be even less. Last year, the individual scholarship programs of many universities only enrolled students for masters and Ph.Ds. Based on the experience of this year's application, the probability of success of a full scholarship for international students applying for undergraduates may even be one in 1,000. But on the other hand, the universities we cooperate with can actually recommend more scholarship places, which can increase the success rate of scholarship applications, because when applying for schools, students with the same qualifications, students recommended by partners The school will give priority to admission. 

How Do I Get an Undergraduate Scholarship in China?

So what are the basic requirements for applying for undergraduate scholarships? First of all, in terms of language requirements, most universities require HSK level 4 or higher for students applying for Chinese-taught undergraduates, and a master's degree for students applying for English-taught. The minimum requirement is IELTS 6.0 or above or TOEFL iBT score of 80 or above; there are some basic requirements in other areas, such as academic requirements must have a high school diploma, and the age requirement is not more than 25; physical and mental health, good character and learning, and compliance with Chinese laws and regulations are required And school disciplines and regulations and so on. If you have specialties in sports, art, etc., you can hand in relevant certificates or works to us, which will give you extra points during the scholarship review. 

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