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Beijing Jiaotong University

  • Category Public University
  • Attribute 211,985,first-rate unversities and disciplines
  • City Beijing
  • Preponderant Discipline

    Communication engineering, software engineering (set up 3 professional directions), logistics management, transportation, mechanical engineering and automation, economics, computer science and technology, civil engineering, traffic engineering, automation, electrical engineering and automation

  • Key Majors

    Traffic information engineering and control

    Electronic Science and technology

    Information and Communication Engineering

    Electronic information


    Industrial Economics

    International Trade

    Labor Economics

    management science

    Logistics management and Engineering

    information management

    Engineering and project management


    business management

    tourism management

    Technical economy and management

    public administration


    Application Statistics


    business administration

    Accounting Chinese 2

    Engineering Management Chinese 2

    Industrial Engineering and management Chinese 2

    Logistics engineering and management Chinese / English 2

    School of transportation system science Chinese 3

    Control science and Engineering Chinese 3

    Transportation planning and management Chinese 3

    Safety science and Engineering Chinese 3

    E-commerce Chinese 3

    Logistics engineering and management Chinese 2

    Transportation Chinese / English 2

    Civil engineering, College of civil engineering, Chinese / English 3

    Road and Railway Engineering Chinese 3

    Mechanics Chinese 3

    Environmental Science and Engineering Chinese 3

    The application of transport tools in the Institute of mechanical and electronic control engineering 3

    Mechanical design and theory Chinese 3

    Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Chinese 3

    Mechanical manufacturing and Its Automation Chinese 3

    Power machinery and Engineering Chinese 3

    Thermal Engineering Chinese 3

    Materials science and Engineering Chinese 3

    Vehicle Engineering Chinese 3

    Industrial Engineering Chinese 3

    Electrical engineering, College of electrical engineering, Chinese / English 3

    Basic mathematics of Science 3

    Computational mathematics Chinese 3

    Probability theory and mathematical statistics Chinese 3

    Applied mathematics Chinese 3

    Operational research and cybernetics Chinese 3

    Physics Chinese 3

    Biology Chinese 3

    System theory Chinese 3

    Statistics Chinese 3

    Optical Engineering Chinese 3

    Chemical engineering and Technology Chinese 3

    Materials and Chemical Engineering Chinese 2

    College of language and communication Chinese journalism 3

    News and communication (professional degree) Chinese 2

    Software engineering of software academy 3

    Electronic information Chinese / English 2

    College of architecture and art urban and rural planning Chinese 3

    Architecture Chinese 3

    Design Chinese 3

    Art design (professional degree) Chinese 2

    Architecture (professional degree) Chinese 2

    Urban and rural planning English 2

    Law School of law

  • Total Students 25569
  • International Students /
  • Program Taught in English

    business administration

    Logistics engineering and management


    civil engineering

    electrical engineering

    Electronic information

    Urban and rural planning

  • Monthly Living Cost(RMB) 1600
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Doctor Degree

Beijing Jiaotong University, a national key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education, jointly supported by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transport, Beijing Municipal Government and China Railway Corporation, is also an active contributor to the development of the "National 211 Project" and the "985 Innovative Platforms for Key Disciplines Project". In 2021, The Qs World ranks 751-800, Mainland China ranks 29.

BJTU has two campuses, the East and the West, in the renowned education district Haidian with a total area of nearly 67 hectares and building floorage of more than 1 million square meters. The Weihai International Campus in Shandong Province covers more than 67 hectares. All campuses are equipped with complete teaching and research facilities and enjoy the beautiful scenery. In Huangye, Hebei Province, the BJTU Haibin Rail Transit Comprehensive Research and Development Base was set up with an overall area of approximately 15.5 hectares. The Tangshan Research Institute of Beijing Jiaotong University, established in Tangshan, Hebei Province, is dedicated to developing a demonstration zone of international education for R&D and commercialization of scientific findings.

BJTU's position in the international rankings of world-leading universities and disciplines is steadily on the rise. The university has already entered the top 500 list of the ARWU Ranking and for 3 years in a row, BJTU's Transportation Engineering discipline has crowned the world-leading discipline ranking and 15 disciplines in total were qualified. 10 disciplines have been selected for the U.S News world-leading discipline ranking, 7 entered the same ranking of QS, 5 were nominated for the Times ranking. Engineering studies maintained a steady placing in the top 1% of ESI and 5 disciplines in total entered the top 1% list. The System Science discipline remained top 1 for four consecutive years in the National Discipline Evaluation, 5 disciplines were among the top 10% (Category A) in the fourth round of the evaluation, 7 were among the top 20% ( Category B+). The university has 17 Post-doc Research Centers, 21 Level-1 Discipline Doctoral Programs and 3 Professional Doctoral Degree Programs. On the graduate level, BJTU is in charge of 33 Level-1 Discipline Master Programs, 2 Level-2 Discipline Master Programs and 19 Professional Master Degree Programs.

The university always sees high-quality faculty development as the key to strengthening the school operation efficiency and has adopted a "talent cultivation" strategy. The university employs 3040 staff, including 1,965 full-time teachers (1,374 with vice-senior or higher professional technical titles, 1,908 with master's degrees or higher academic qualifications.). The university is home to 4 academicians of Chinese Academy of Science, 9 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 5 National Renowned Teachers, 6 Members of the State Council Disciplinary Evaluation Committee, 15 experts of the National Ten-thousand Talent Plan, 8 state candidates of the National Hundred-Thousand-Thousands of Talents Project, 12 Winners of National Outstanding Youth Funds, 20 winners of Distinguished Young Scholars and 2 talents of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee's "Four First Batch" project.

The university regards international cooperation and exchanges as an important way to improve education quality. Actively responding to the appeal of the "Belt and Road Initiative”, BJTU established a partnership with 289 universities and renowned cross-national enterprises from 49 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. With the purpose of promoting Chinese culture and language teaching, the university has established 4 Confucius Institutes at Group T of KU Leuven in Belgium, Texas Southern University in the United States, the University of Campinas in Brazil and Warsaw University of Technology. For the further improvement of academic influence and authority in the global railway sector, BJTU successively joined international organizations and alliances such as OSJD, UIC and China-CEEC Higher Education Institutions Consortium, and led the establishment of the latter two. In order to enhance international research cooperation, the university also led the creation of the China-US, China-Russia, China-UK and China-Indonesia High-speed Railway Research Centers. BJTU is also actively engaged in undergraduate, postgraduate level degree program cooperation. The university operates 5 Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools Programs, 1 Chinese-Foreign Collaboratively Run School and 2 overseas educational institutions. Making full play of the alumni association, the foundation and the university board, BJTU established 53 alumni organizations home and abroad, partnered with 86 various departments and institutions, while setting up strategic partnerships with industries corporations and local government in areas such as transport, logistic, information and energy so as to deepen synergetic innovation between political, industrial, educational and research bodies, carrying out long-term, full-range cooperation in talent cultivation and scientific development. The university's education foundation was certified as a 4A charity group by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

The school provides the student's with different subjects taught in Chinese or English, for the undergraduate learning, the Chinese taught class is 24800RMB/year (duration 4 years), the English taught class is 33800RMB/year(duration 4 years), master degree, the Chinese taught class is 29000 RMB/year (duration 2-3 years), the English taught class is 35000 RMB/year (duration 2-3 years), for the doctor degree, the Chinese taught the class is 34000RMB/year (duration 4 years), The English taught class is 40000RMB/year (duration 4 years).

In the master program, the popular majors are: logistics engineering and management (taught in Chinese or English), civil engineering (taught in Chinese or English), electronic Information (computer technology) (taught in English), electrical engineering (taught in Chinese or English), traffic and transportation (taught in Chinese or English), urban and rural planning (taught in Chinese or English), for the Doctoral Programs,4 disciplines are in the top 1% of ESI, which are engineering, computer science, materials science and social science.

If you wold like to apply the pre-class in Chinese learning, we have designed six different language levels, including the elementary (1, 2, 3), intermediate (1, 2) and advanced for Chinese language classes. There are 22 hours a week and 16 weeks one semester. Chinese courses including comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Phonetic, Chinese Speaking, reading, and writing are designed on the elementary stage to help students to cultivate the interest to know the language; Chinese courses including comprehensive Chinese, Chinese speaking, listening, reading, writing is designed on the intermediate stage to improve language abilities of students, selective reading of the famous Chinese literature are designed on the advanced stage to help students to use Chinese in real life.

the on school campus is real comfortble for students: a variety of rooms including single room, double room and triple room to satisfy individual needs (based on Availability); equipped with shared kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, TV, internet cable & WIFI, air-conditioner, bookshelves, desk and closet, there are common areas in the apartment building for group study and social activities. students in the apartments are on duty 24 hours and CCTV are quipped in public areas to ensure the safety of students. the double or triple room is about 14400—21600 RMB/ year/ person.