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Carmenita Got a Full Scholarship from Central South University

One afternoon in June 2021, the consultant from JTRH received a message from an Indonesian girl who speaks really good Chinese and polite. Her name was Carmenita and she especially wanted to study in China. Her performance was quite good, already got HSK5 certificate, but she did not know how to apply for Chinese universities cause she is in Indonesia, and it was not convenient to make a phone call. Before, one of her friends applied to study in China through JTRH last year and got a full scholarship, so she sent us a message with the idea of trying it out.

Since her friend successfully applied through JTRH before, she also trusted us very much. At that time, most of the scholarship applications had been closed, she was worried that she would not get the scholarship, and was very anxious. She doesn't want to wait for one more year, and we don't want such an outstanding student to miss this year's application.

Therefore, several consultants contacted the teachers of our cooperative universities. After several days of efforts, two schools were willing to reopen the application system for this student, but only for two hours!

Under our guidance, Carmenita prepared all the materials, scanned them into PDF, and we guided her step by step to apply online. Finally, she got the full scholarship of Central South University which is a ‘211 project’ and ‘985 project’ university in China. On the day she got the offer, she specially invited us to have a video call together to express her gratitude to us. On the other end of the screen, she gave a thumbs up and said, "Thank you JTRH for helping me realize my dream of studying in China. I will cherish this opportunity!"

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