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Changan University

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Chang'an University general information

Chang'an University is directly under the Ministry of Education and is one of the first batch of national "211 Project" key construction universities, the national "985 Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform" construction university, and the national "Double First Class" construction university. The school is located in the historical and cultural city of Xi'an. It has two campuses in the north and south, with the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the south and Weishui River in the north. It has three teaching practice bases, Taibai Mountain, Liangshan and Weishui, with a campus area of 3745 acres. The school strives to create a charming campus of humanities, innovation, wisdom, green and safety. The campus is lined with trees, beautiful scenery and complete facilities. It comes from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, more than 40 ethnic groups, and more than 100 countries around the world. Of the students, in a diverse and international campus, concentrate on studying

Chang'an University education

The school currently has 9 first-level discipline doctoral programs and 33 first-level discipline master programs. There are 9 mobile post-doctoral research stations. Four disciplines including engineering, earth sciences, material sciences, environmental sciences and ecology are among the top 1% of ESI in the world. There are currently 82 undergraduate majors, of which 36 majors are selected as first-class construction majors in the National "Double Ten Thousand Plan", and 18 majors have passed the national engineering education certification. The school ranks among the top 100 universities in China, and its civil engineering and transportation disciplines ranks 30th among U.S. News global universities. It is known as the "Whampoa Military Academy" for highway transportation talent training and the "golden card" for technological innovation.

The school has 23 colleges (departments), with a degree-granting system covering the entire process of bachelor, master, and doctoral education, covering 7 categories of engineering, science, management, economics, philosophy, law, and literature. The New Era is geared to major national strategies and has established a number of physical research institutes such as the Modern Transportation Research Institute, the Qinling Ecological Environment Research Institute, the Yellow River Research Institute, the Sichuan-Tibet Railway Engineering Research Institute, the Hangzhou Research Institute, and the Xiong'an Modern Industry Research Institute. There are 4 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the Singapore Academy of Engineering, and more than 1,300 professors and associate professors, including 365 doctoral supervisors and 1041 master supervisors. There are more than one hundred outstanding talents of various types who undertake national key research and development plans and major national engineering projects. There are currently more than 25,000 full-time undergraduates, more than 10,000 doctoral and master candidates, and more than 1,600 foreign students. The school has achieved fruitful results in education, with a total of nearly 300,000 outstanding graduates sent home and abroad, including more than 7,000 foreign students.

Chang'an University Scholarship

The scholarships that Chang'an University can apply for include Xi'an Municipal Government One Belt One Road Scholarship, Chang'an University Innovation Scholarship, and Chinese Government Scholarship. Students in school can also apply for scholarships, such as the Shaanxi Provincial Government's special "Sanqin Scholarship of Shaanxi Province" and scholarships for outstanding international students in China. There are many types of scholarships that support outstanding foreign students.

Chang'an University International Exchange

The school adheres to the internationalization of running schools, and has established cooperative relations with more than 140 universities and scientific research institutions in more than 30 countries and regions in the world.

Chang'an University has been enrolling foreign students in China since 1956. It has a history of more than 60 years. It is one of the first universities approved by the Ministry of Education to recruit Chinese government scholarship students and one of the first universities in my country to undertake foreign aid education. The school has successively trained more than 10,000 international students from 115 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia, Cuba, Nigeria, and Pakistan. In 2017, Chang'an University successfully passed the quality certification for studying in China by the Ministry of Education.

As of the end of September 2020, the number of international students in the school was 1,608, from 95 countries on six continents, including Pakistan, Russia, Congo (Brazzaville), Ecuador, and Chile. Among them, the number of degree students is 1051, and the number of non-degree students is 557, which are distributed in 16 colleges of our school. Since 2010, our school has opened three English-taught undergraduate majors in civil engineering (School of Construction and Engineering), International Economics and Trade (School of Economics and Management), and Electronic Information (School of Information). In 2017, the school opened 7 English-taught master and doctoral majors, including MBA, architecture, and surveying and mapping science and technology. As of 2020, Chang'an University has opened 13 English-taught undergraduate majors, 35 English-taught master's majors and 23 English-taught doctoral majors.

On the basis of the education of overseas students in China for more than 60 years, the International College has established the development idea of "highlighting characteristics, expanding scale, optimizing structure, standardizing management, improving quality and efficiency", creating a brand of "growth by studying abroad", and striving to improve school education internationally. Level of internationalization and international influence.