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China Three Gorges University

  • Category Public University
  • Attribute Universities jointly built by Ministry of Water Resources and Hubei Province
  • City Yichang
  • Preponderant Discipline

    Electrical engineering and automation, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, medical imaging, engineering management

  • Key Majors

    Electrical engineering and automation, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, medical imaging, engineering management

  • Total Students
  • International Students /
  • Program Taught in English

    Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering and Automation Automation Metal Materials Engineering (Mechanical Engineering Materials) Computer and Communication Engineering Business Administration Administration Pharmacy Social Work Machinery Design and Manufacturing and Automation Energy and Power Engineering Clinical Medicine (MBBS) Water Conservancy Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Control Engineering Clinical Medical Business Management Information and Communication Engine...

  • Monthly Living Cost(RMB) 1200
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General Information of Three Gorges University

The university covers an area of more than 3,000 acres, with a total university building area of 1.4 million square meters. There are 20 various teaching experiment (training) centers; 2 national-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 national-level virtual simulation experiment center, 7 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, and 2 provincial-level virtual simulation experiment centers; teaching There are nearly 50,000 sets (pieces) of scientific research instruments and equipment, with a total value of 766 million yuan. There are 259 internal and external practical teaching bases and production-university-research cooperation bases, including 1 national off-campus practical education base for college students, 2 national engineering practice education centers; 4 provincial demonstration practice training bases, and provincial practice training 3 bases. The library has more than 2.95 million paper books, 86,000 Chinese and foreign electronic periodicals, more than 1.5 million Chinese and foreign electronic books, more than 60 Chinese and foreign databases, and 60TB of various digital resources. The university is one of the first batch of informatization pilot units of 66 undergraduate colleges in the country by the Ministry of Education. It has built a wired and wireless integrated 10G campus network covering the whole university, and has successively won the "Advanced Unit of Higher Education Informatization" and "China Education and Research Computer Network" Outstanding Contribution Award for 20 Years of Construction".

There are 1681 full-time teachers, including 327 professors, 688 associate professors, and 915 teachers with doctoral degrees in Three Gorges University . There are 1 member of the Disciplinary Evaluation Group (Water Conservancy Engineering Group) of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. There are 178 doctoral tutors and 1466 master tutors; it has the right to review the qualifications of professors in all disciplines. More than 180 candidates and experts have been approved for talent projects at or above the provincial and ministerial level. The school has hired more than 200 experts, including Nobel Prize winner Mundell and 21 academicians, as part-time professors. The school is one of the "Top Ten Universities in Hubei for Talent Work".

International Exchange and Cooperation of Three Gorges University

The school implements the open school policy and extensively carries out international exchanges and cooperation. The school is a member of the United Nations Academic Influence Organization of "United Nations Academic Influence", the permanent secretariat unit of the Organization of the World University Alliance (NEWS), and the main sponsor of the "China Hubei-South Asia University Alliance". It has established relationships with more than 60 countries and regions. More than 170 colleges and universities in Hubei Province have established long-term and stable cooperative relations. The school is the largest college in the number of foreign students, professional settings and English-taught courses among the provincial colleges and universities in Hubei Province. There are currently more than 1,400 international students in China; it has recruited Chinese government scholarships Qualifications for international students (CSC) in China, with HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) test sites, and 3 Sino-foreign cooperative education and inter-school cooperation projects. In 2010, the school was awarded the title of "Advanced Unit for Expanding Opening-up" by the Hubei Provincial Government; in 2011 , Obtained the qualification for undergraduate clinical medicine undergraduate clinical medicine majoring in China by the Ministry of Education; in 2013, obtained the qualification to enroll undergraduates and postgraduates without examination in Hong Kong; in 2014, was approved as a national demonstration base construction unit for studying in China; in 2016 , Was selected as the “Excellent Project” of the China Scholarship Council; in 2017, he was selected as the “Silk Road Scholarship” project of the Ministry of Education, and passed the quality certification of studying in China by the Ministry of Education; in 2018, he was approved for the first batch of “Chinese Government Scholarship for International Students’ Social Practice in China” And Cultural Experience Base", became the first "Hubei Province Chinese Education Base", and was approved as the first batch of "Hubei Province Higher Education Institutions Disciplinary Innovation and Intelligence Introduction Base"; in 2019, it was approved as the school’s first national-level "Discipline Innovation and Intelligence Introduction Base" , Obtained the qualification to recruit students from Taiwan region without examination (recruited based on the academic ability test scores of university entrance examinations in Taiwan), and was approved to host the Confucius Institute at Three Gorges University Chad N’Djamena University, the country’s first Confucius Institute; in 2020, our school and The China-Foreign Humanities Exchange Center of the Ministry of Education and Gezhouba Group Co., Ltd. have cooperated to build the "Sino-foreign Humanities Exchange Research Institute in the Water Conservancy and Electric Power Industry." At the same time, the school attaches great importance to promoting and encouraging the international flow of teachers and students, and sends a considerable number of teachers and students to participate every year. International academic research or study. The school actively responds to the "One Belt and One Road" initiative, and actively carries out national and regional research. The Nepal Research Center established is selected as the Ministry of Education Record Center. It successfully undertook the Ministry of Education "Stay in China" and Hubei Province "World Famous Large-scale events such as the "Scientists' Lecture Program in Hubei•Wuhan Forum" and the "China Hubei-South Asian University Presidents Forum".

Scholarship in Three Gorges University

There are Sino-U.S. Degree-Study Scholarship, Scholarship for International Chinese Language Teachers, Hubei Provincial Scholarship for International Students, Chinese Government Scholarship-Silk Road Program, CTGU Professor Scholarship, CTGU Scholarship and so on.