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Doctor Scholarships

Doctor Scholarships

Like applicants for undergraduate and master’s degrees, JTRH’s senior overseas study consultants can also provide professional one-on-one consulting services for students applying for doctoral studies in China, introducing domestic colleges and universities and doctoral professional courses, and then, according to the applicants Achievements and language proficiency, matching schools with geographical requirements, exclusive study abroad programs and scholarship programs, etc.; in addition, we will also provide doctoral applicants with services to assist in contacting tutors, because for doctoral students, it is generally In this case, contacting a suitable tutor in advance is very helpful to improve our application success rate. Therefore, if you want to apply for a Ph.D. study in China, JTRH is definitely a good choice. 

PhD Scholarship in China for International Students

The standards covered by doctoral scholarships are generally higher than those for masters and undergraduates. The scholarship content covered by the Chinese Government Scholarship Autonomous Enrollment Program for PhD students generally includes application fees (Type A), tuition, laboratory fees, internship fees, accommodation fees, living expenses, and comprehensive medical insurance for international students in China. The standard of living expenses for doctoral students is 3500 RMB/month. 

How to Get PhD Scholarships in China?

Some basic requirements for applying for doctoral scholarship are as follows:

Physical and mental health; under the age of 45; have a master's degree certificate; if applying for the full award, students who teach in Chinese must have a score of HSK 4 or above, and the minimum requirement for applying for a doctorate degree in English is IELTS 6.5 or above or TOEFL iBT 85 or above. Some majors also require applicants to meet other application requirements. For details, please contact JTRH exclusive study abroad consultant for more study abroad information and scholarship information. In addition, if the applicant has research or practical experience related to the major applied for, points will be added during the review. 

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