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Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine

  • Category Public University
  • Attribute Provincial key university
  • City Harbin
  • Preponderant Discipline

    Engineering, Medical Science, etc…

  • Key Majors

    Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Clinical Basis of Chinese Medicine

  • Total Students 15918
  • International Students /
  • Program Taught in English

    No programs

  • Monthly Living Cost(RMB) 1200
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Master Degree
Doctor Degree

General Information of Heilongjinag University of Chinese Medicine

Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine was founded in 1954. After more than 60 years of construction and development, the school has become a higher level of teaching, scientific research and medical treatment, and has a certain influence at home and abroad. In 2004, the school was among the first to obtain the excellent conclusion of the evaluation of the undergraduate teaching work level of the Ministry of Education. In 2007, it was the first unit in the country to pass the undergraduate Chinese medicine professional certification of the Ministry of Education. "In 2021, it will be approved as a university jointly established by the Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The university consists of 16 colleges, 14 affiliated hospitals (4 directly affiliated), 1 Chinese Medicine Research Institute, 1 Chinese Medicine Higher Education Research Institute, 26 teaching hospitals and 70 practice bases. There are 27 undergraduate majors, covering 5 disciplines including medicine, science, engineering, management, and law. There are 4 first-level disciplines and 31 second-level disciplines with the right to confer doctoral degrees; 7 first-level disciplines and 36 second-level disciplines with the right to confer master's degrees; 1 professional doctorate degree authorization point and 4 professional master degree authorization points . There are 18,288 full-time students, including 569 doctoral students, 3,175 master students, 14,263 undergraduates, 7 junior college students, 219 international students, and 55 preparatory students.

The university has 4 post-doctoral research stations of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, and pharmacy. ) construction point. The innovative experimental area for the training mode of traditional Chinese medicine talents is the first batch of innovative experimental areas for personnel training mode of the Ministry of Education. Eight undergraduate majors, including traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese pharmacy, rehabilitation therapy, acupuncture and massage, clinical medicine of traditional Chinese and western medicine, pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine resources and development, and medical experimental technology, were rated as national first-class undergraduate professional construction sites, and nursing, pharmaceutical preparations, etc. 10 Each undergraduate major has been rated as a provincial first-class undergraduate major construction site. In the fourth round of national discipline evaluation, the discipline of Chinese pharmacy ranked tied for the first place, and the discipline of traditional Chinese medicine ranked tied for the fourth, becoming one of the three Chinese medicine colleges in the country to be awarded the "A+" discipline. The school has 4 national key disciplines, 21 key disciplines of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 15 provincial key disciplines, and 19 provincial leading talent teams; there are 3 national teaching teams, 5 provincial teaching teams, and provincial courses. 1 ideological and political construction teaching team; 2 national first-class undergraduate courses, 8 national excellent courses, 8 national excellent resource sharing courses, 16 provincial first-class undergraduate courses, and 6 provincial ideological and political construction demonstration courses , 22 provincial excellent courses; won 1 first prize and 1 second prize of the first national textbook construction award for excellent textbooks, 1 special prize for excellent textbooks, 3 first prizes, and second prizes of the first provincial textbook construction award 3 departments; there is 1 national-level curriculum ideological and political demonstration project, and 1 national-level virtual teaching and research section. The school has won the title of National Excellent Higher Education Research Institution twice, and has successively won 2 first prizes, 7 second prizes, and 65 provincial teaching achievement awards. The teaching experimental center is the first batch of "National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers" identified by Chinese medicine colleges across the country; the Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum has been identified as the Heilongjiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum, and has been selected as the national popular science education base for 2021-2025; the Traditional Chinese Medicine Literature Retrieval Center has been identified It is the Heilongjiang Branch Center of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Literature Retrieval Center, and the designated unit for the first batch of scientific and technological projects of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

International Cooperation and Exchange in Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine

The university has the qualifications to accept foreign students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It is one of the first batch of institutions approved by the Ministry of Education to recruit international students in China. Education, medical, scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges, the school currently has 140 long-term international cooperation projects, accepting more than 500 foreign visiting scholars, and training more than 5,000 foreign students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The world's first Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine, co-founded by the school, London South Bank University and Harbin Normal University has been rated as "Advanced Confucius Institute" by the Ministry of Education and Hanban for many times, and has become the first batch of "Model Confucius Institutes" in the world.