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International students from Anhui University help the epidemic prevention and control

1. Introduction of Anhui University

Anhui University is abbreviated as "AHU" and is located in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province. It is one of the first batch of “Class A First-class Universities and Disciplines of the World" in the country. It is jointly built by the Ministry of Education and the People's Government of Anhui Province, the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence and the People's Government of Anhui Province, and is one of designated universities for the selection and recruitment of civil servants by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is selected into the national "211 Project" key construction universities.

Anhui University was selected into the national "2011 plan", "Outstanding Legal Talent Education and Training Program", "National Construction High-level University Government-sponsored Graduate Program", "New Engineering Research and Practice Projects", "National University Student Cultural Quality Education Base", "National Chinese Education Base", "Ministry of Education Demonstration Base for Studying in China", "Receiving Institutions of China government scholarship for international students", "National Demonstration Universities for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform", "National University Student Innovative Experimental Program", and "National Level Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program". It is a national civilized campus, and is one of pilot universities in Anhui Province to systematically promote the construction of comprehensive innovation reform pilot zone; it is a core member unit of the education and scientific research area of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center; and it is a key comprehensive university in Anhui Province.

Anhui University started with the establishment of the Provincial Anhui University, which was founded in April 1928 in Anqing City, then the provincial capital. In 1958, Anhui University was rebuilt on the basis of Hefei University and the former Department of Physics of Anhui University. On September 16, Chairman Mao Zedong wrote the name of the school.

2. Characteristic majors of Anhui University

(1) National Characteristic Major Construction Points of Anhui University: Law, English, Archaeology, Biological Science, Electronic Information Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Journalism. (2) National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Anhui University: News Communication Experimental Teaching Center, Economic Management Experimental Teaching Center, etc. 

(3) Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Anhui University: Basic Physics, Electrical Engineering and Electronics, News Communication, Basic Chemistry, Basic Biology, Accounting, etc.

3. International students from Anhui University contribute to the epidemic prevention and control

International students from Anhui University joined the team of volunteers and acted as propaganda officers for epidemic prevention and control. In addition to cheering for China, the international students at the school have expressed their support for the current epidemic prevention work with their own practical actions.

Dashan, from Sudan, joined a community volunteer team with a number of school students to assist teachers in purchasing, moving and distributing daily necessities and epidemic prevention materials for the students in the school to ensure the daily needs of the students in the winter vacation. PhD student Wasim from Pakistan, together with his classmates, bought rice and vegetables at his own expense and distributed them to the students who stayed at the school. At the same time, he reminded everyone not to go out or gather, cooperate with the work of the community and the school, and express their firm determination to fight the epidemic with their own actions.

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