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Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics

  • Category Public University
  • Attribute Provincial key undergraduate colleges and universities
  • City Nanchang
  • Preponderant Discipline

    Applied Economics, Theoretical Economics, Management Science and Engineering

  • Key Majors

    Agriculture and forestry economic management, business management, law, public management, Marxist theory, sociology, computer science and technology

  • Total Students 33671
  • International Students /
  • Program Taught in English

    Tourism Management (Undergraduate), Computer Science and Technology (Undergraduate), International Business (Undergraduate), Economics (Undergraduate in International Economics), Public Administration (Master), Accounting (Master), Finance (Master), International Business ( Master), Business Management (Master), International Trade (PhD), Statistics (PhD), Accounting (PhD), Financial Economics (PhD in Western Economics), Public Finance (PhD)

  • Monthly Living Cost(RMB) 1000
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Doctor Degree

General Information of Jiangxi university of Finance and Economics

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, located in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, is a first-class discipline construction university in Jiangxi Province.

As of May 2021, The school has four campuses: Jiaoqiao Garden, Bailu Garden, Fenglin Garden and Qingshan Garden (excluding the Gongqing Campus of the Independent College), An area of more than 2,200 mu, The construction area is more than 1 million square meters, A collection of 8.62 million books (including 1.89 million e-books); There are 17 teaching colleges, 4 Management Colleges, And 1 independent college, A total of 57 undergraduate majors; There are 7 post-doctoral mobile stations, 7 Level 1 PhD Authorization Points, 39 Level II PhD Authorsites, 13 Level 1 Master Degree Authorsites, 70 Level 2 Masters Authorsites, 18 Professional master's degree authorization points; There are 2,313 teaching and staff members, Full-time faculty of 1,326 teachers, Twenty-two are 21,000 full-time undergraduates, More are 6,000 graduate students of all kinds.

International Exchange and Cooperation

The university has adhered to opening up the university and has established stable cooperation and exchange relations with more than 140 universities in more than 40 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, Finland, Denmark and Portugal. University has joined the international exchange student organization, international business university alliance, Chinese and Russian economic university alliance, the UN academic influence organization, international social work education alliance, China-asean tourism education alliance, Eurasian Pacific academic association, China-central and eastern European countries university association, Asia-Pacific tourism association, Chinese and Thai higher education alliance and North American case association and other 11 international organizations. In 2013 was approved by the Ministry of Education to receive students, approved by the Ministry of Commerce, since 2014 has been approved the national foundation commission outstanding undergraduate international exchange project, national construction high-level university public graduate project, innovative talent international cooperation training project, 1998 was approved with MBA of Sino-foreign cooperation project, in 2015 approved with dalana university software engineering undergraduate double degree cooperation project, in 2017 by the Chinese government "silk road" scholarship independent enrollment project. In May 2016, the Confucius Institute, jointly built by the University and Coventry University, was officially inaugurated. It is approved as the national TOEFL test site, GRE test site, GMAT test site, ACCA test site, CIMA test site, FRM test site, and HSK test site. In 2002, the university established an international college and opened undergraduate teaching test classes, with four major directions: accounting (International accounting), International Economy and trade (CITF direction), finance (International Investment and Finance), and Finance (CFA direction). It has long appointed teachers from well-known universities in the United States and Canada and other countries. The university also opened in related college accounting (ACCA direction), accounting (CIMA direction), finance (FRM direction), international marketing, international economy and trade and other foreign majors, teaching methods and resources in line with international standards, has initially formed the "long teaching, the combination of Chinese and western elements, external inline, high grafting" international characteristics. Since 1997, the university has recruited the first batch of international students from the University of Economics in Vienna, Austria. At present, it has offered all English courses at all levels and established an education system from undergraduate, master's to doctoral levels. In 2018, it successfully passed the Ministry of Education's quality certification and approved HSK test site. Since 2013, there are more than 2000 students in the UK, the United States, Germany, France, Finland, the Netherlands and other universities for a long-term study, more than 1000 students after graduation to the world's top 100 universities for a master's or doctoral degree, including more than one hundred students into Cambridge University, Oxford University, Columbia University and other world's top 20 universities for further study.

Development of International Education in Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics

In November 1995, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics was approved to admit international students.

In September 1997, the first batch of international students began enrollment.

In March 2013, it obtained the qualification of "Chinese Government Scholarship for Overseas Students Training".

In September 2013, it began to recruit overseas students with undergraduate and graduate degrees, achieving a breakthrough of zero educated overseas students.

In September 2014, it began to recruit doctoral students, realizing the full coverage of overseas study level from undergraduate degree to doctoral degree.

Since 2014, the University Scholarship of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics has been set up to attract more outstanding students to study in the school.

In September 2017, we began to recruit international business students majoring in English teaching courses, and the English teaching project covers three levels of undergraduate, master and doctoral courses.

In October 2018, it passed the "Quality Certification of Studying in China" of the Ministry of Education.

The College of Overseas Education was officially established in February 2019.

In October 2019, it received the "Confucius Institute Scholarship Student" qualification from the headquarters of the Confucius Institute.

In May 2020, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics established the "Unity and Friendship Award" for international students.