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Lanzhou University of Technology

  • Category Public University
  • Attribute Jointly funded by provinces and ministries
  • City Lanzhou
  • Preponderant Discipline

    Art, Engineering, etc…

  • Key Majors

    Architectural Design and Engineering, Architecture, Automation

  • Total Students 28214
  • International Students /
  • Program Taught in English

    Advanced Materials and Their Preparation Techniques, Advanced Polymer Materials, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

  • Monthly Living Cost(RMB) 1000
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Doctor Degree

Lanzhou University of Technology General Information

Lanzhou University of Technology is located in Lanzhou City, the capital of Gansu Province. It is a university jointly established by the Gansu Provincial People's Government, the Ministry of Education, and the National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Bureau, and the first batch of high-level universities in Gansu Province. The Central and Western University Basic Capacity Building Project, the National University Student Innovative Experimental Program, and the Ministry of Education's Outstanding Engineer Program were selected as universities and national defense education characteristic schools. The school has two campuses; 19 colleges, 1 teaching and research department; 70 undergraduate majors; 5 post-doctoral research stations, 6 first-level discipline doctoral programs, 23 first-level discipline master programs, 14 There are 2,309 faculty members and 1,478 full-time teachers, including 297 professors and 683 associate professors; there are more than 29,000 full-time students.

Lanzhou University of Technology Education

The school is one of the first batch of colleges and universities authorized for bachelor and master degrees in my country. It is the first university in Gansu Province that has the right to confer doctoral degrees in engineering and the first university to set up a post-doctoral research station in engineering. There are currently 9 disciplines, covering engineering, science, management, economics, literature, law, education, medicine, art, engineering, materials science, chemistry 3 disciplines are ranked in the top 1% of the world in ESI, and civil engineering , Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Control Science and Engineering 4 disciplines entered Category B in the fourth round of discipline evaluation. There are 20 provincial key disciplines and 4 national defense characteristic disciplines. There are 5 post-doctoral research stations, 6 first-level discipline doctoral programs, 23 first-level discipline master’s programs, and 14 professional master's degree categories.

The school always regards talent training as the fundamental task of running a school, and strives to cultivate a comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor with lofty ideals, home and country feelings, innovative spirit, and international vision. of senior professionals. The school has 70 undergraduate majors, 20 majors have been approved as national first-class professional construction sites, 10 majors have been approved as provincial first-class professional construction sites, and 6 national characteristic professional construction sites. 14 majors have passed the professional certification (assessment) of engineering education and entered the "first phalanx" of global engineering education. 3 courses were selected as national first-class undergraduate courses, and 31 courses were selected as provincial first-class undergraduate courses. There are 2 national-level teaching teams, 3 national-level experimental teaching demonstration centers, 4 national-level engineering practice education centers, 11 provincial-level teaching teams, and 16 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 95% for many years, and was awarded the title of "2009 National Graduate Employment Typical Experience University" by the Ministry of Education.

Lanzhou University of Technology Scholarship

Lanzhou University of Technology can apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship-Silk Road Scholarship, and can also apply for the Lanzhou University of Technology President's Scholarship. Lanzhou University of Technology President Scholarship: Scholarship Introduction.

Applicants with HSK level 4 (over 200 points) can apply for the Principal's Scholarship. The scholarship includes tuition, accommodation, and living expenses: 1,500 yuan per month, which is paid on a 10-month basis. Scholarships are reviewed annually. From the second academic year onwards, scholarship eligibility and grades are determined based on individual school performance and grades.

Lanzhou University of Technology International Exchange and Cooperation

The school continuously expands the space for cooperation and exchanges, and actively promotes the process of international school running. Approved to build the Confucius Institute at Vinnitsa State Technical University in Ukraine. Joining the "Belt and Road" university strategic alliance, it is a Chinese project university of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization University, and has established cooperative relations with more than 40 foreign universities. It has signed cooperation and exchange agreements with Macau University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Chung Yuan University, Kunshan University of Science and Technology, Jingyi University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Lanzhou University, Dalian University of Technology and other universities. It is the counterpart support university of Southeast University. In recent years, more than 500 teachers have gone abroad (border) for exchange and study. It has the qualifications to enroll international students in China with Chinese government scholarships, and has passed the first batch of higher education institutions to study in China. More than 400 international students from 46 countries are studying at the school.

The school will study in China as an engine for the international development of education, inherit a century of school history, give full play to the advantages of discipline characteristics, and give full play to the role of members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization University, the Central and Eastern European University Association, the "Belt and Road" University Alliance, and the Sino-Russian Engineering University Alliance. , Focusing on the talent needs of countries along the "Belt and Road", adhere to the principle of "serving the overall situation, expanding scale, connotative development, improving quality, promoting exchanges, and ensuring safety", oriented by improving quality and efficiency, and "cultivating Chinese feelings and international vision." , innovative spirit, high-level professional talents with engineering literacy" as the core, and formed the "Study in Lanzhou Institute of Technology" brand that is adapted to local conditions, key-driven, characteristic development, and comprehensively promoted. In 2019, the school passed the national quality certification of colleges and universities studying in China with excellent results. In 2020, the Confucius Institute jointly declared by the school and the Vinnitsa State Technical University of Ukraine was approved. There are 513 international students from 43 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America. The majors studied by international students cover economics and management, civil engineering, chemical engineering, computer, communication, electrical, materials, energy and other majors, and are distributed in 36 majors in 14 colleges.