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Liaoning Normal University

  • Category Public University
  • Attribute Provincial key university
  • City Dalian
  • Preponderant Discipline


  • Key Majors
  • Total Students 18400
  • International Students /
  • Program Taught in English

    No programs

  • Monthly Living Cost(RMB) 1200
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Doctor Degree

Liaoning Normal University General Information

Liaoning Normal University is located in Dalian City, Liaoning Province. It is a "double first-class" domestic high-level university construction university in Liaoning Province, an implementation school of the Ministry of Education's "Excellent Middle School Teacher Training Program" project, a basic education teacher training and continuing education base in Liaoning Province, and educational scientific research. Consulting base and college teacher training base, it has developed into a provincial key university with multi-disciplinary development such as economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, medicine, management, and art. The school has two campuses, Huanghe Road and Xishan Lake, covering an area of 2,100 acres, with a collection of more than 1.49 million paper books. There are 21 colleges, 60 of which are recruiting undergraduate majors; there are 6 post-doctoral research stations, 9 one First-level discipline doctoral program, 56 second-level discipline doctoral program, 1 doctoral degree authorization point; 25 first-level discipline master’s program, 106 second-level discipline master’s program, 11 professional degree master's program; there are 1862 faculty members, There are 1,189 full-time teachers; more than 13,000 undergraduate students and more than 6,200 master and doctoral students.

Liaoning Normal University Education

The school currently has 60 undergraduate majors recruiting, including 6 national-level characteristic majors, 13 national first-class undergraduate major construction sites, 9 provincial demonstration majors, 26 provincial first-class undergraduate education demonstration majors, and provincial first-class undergraduate major construction sites 13 There are 4 provincial advantageous and characteristic majors, and 17 provincial key construction majors; 3 national-level excellent courses, 1 first-class course, 34 provincial-level excellent courses, 75 first-class courses, and 4 provincial-level graduate excellent courses There are 4 national-level professional degree postgraduate joint training demonstration bases, 5 professional degree postgraduate joint training demonstration bases in Liaoning Province; 2 provincial-level postgraduate innovation and academic exchange centers; 10 national planning textbooks, national excellent textbooks (higher education Class) 3; 7 provincial-level quality textbooks, 8 textbook construction awards; 1 provincial-level talent training model innovation experimental area; 7 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers; 5 provincial-level virtual simulation experimental teaching centers (projects) ; 2 provincial modern industrial colleges; 3 provincial new engineering and new liberal arts research and reform practice projects; 2 inter-school cooperation projects (postgraduate joint training) of ordinary undergraduate colleges and universities in Liaoning Province; awarded the provincial teacher teaching development model Central construction unit; National Language and Character Promotion Base; 1 National Off-campus Practice Education Base Construction Project for College Students; 16 Provincial College Students' Practice Education Base Construction Projects; 2 Provincial Teacher Education Reform and Innovation Experimental Zones; National Higher Education Teaching Achievements 5 awards, 2 basic education teaching achievement awards; 114 provincial higher education teaching achievement awards, 2 basic education achievement awards; 2 Ministry of Education basic education curriculum reform achievement awards, 5 provincial basic education curriculum reform achievement awards.

Liaoning Normal University Scholarship

The scholarships that Liaoning Normal University can apply for include the Chinese Government Scholarship, the International Chinese Teacher Scholarship, and the Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship. Greatly reduce the financial burden of international students.

Liaoning Normal University International Exchange and Cooperation

The school actively builds a large platform for international cooperation, and has established exchanges and cooperation with 118 universities and scientific research institutions in 23 countries and regions. Approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, the school cooperates with Missouri State University to build an international business school. The School of International Education is a secondary school specialized in receiving and training foreign students and overseas Chinese students. It is the Chinese language education base of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee. The Liaoning Province Study Abroad Education Demonstration Base and Study Abroad Demonstration Construction University in China receives more than 1,000 foreign students from 68 countries and regions every year, and has a Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) test center. The Confucius Institute jointly established by the school and the University of Milan in Italy has won the title of "Global Advanced Confucius Institute" for many times.

The School of International Education has developed from the original single Chinese language training to now has a Chinese language undergraduate major (divided into Chinese language and culture and business Chinese), two master's degrees in curriculum and teaching theory and Chinese international education, and also recruits international business. , education, psychology, Chinese, computer, law, sports, history, tourism, art and other 72 undergraduates, 160 masters, 45 doctoral students, has built a set of academic education, long-term The multi-professional, multi-disciplinary and multi-level education system for studying in China and the preparatory education system for studying abroad continue to maintain a relatively leading position among universities in Liaoning Province and play an exemplary role among similar universities in the province.

The School of International Education adheres to the concept of letting Chinese go to the world and building a bridge of friendship with Chinese. Since 1985, it has received and trained more than 20,000 international students and overseas Chinese students from more than 50 countries and regions. Many After graduation, students have played an important role in the fields of diplomacy, economy and trade, culture and education in various countries around the world. At present, there are about 1,000 students from more than 50 countries in the school.