Offering scholarships with a value of 18,000 RMB to a maximum of 40,000 RMB per year and a monthly living allowance will also be provided. Apply Now
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Being one of the pioneers striving for professional development in translation and interpretation service sector while devoting to serving the China‘s manufacture industry for a decade, E-Juntai has accumulated rich resources, developed deep understanding of globalization and improve the soft power of client’s enterprise culture and products in the era of globalization. Further, as one of first companies in the sector which have realized flow management, standardization and systematization by applying the Six Sigma Management, E-Juntai has managed to deliver products of stable quality and to ensure consistency and efficiency of its service as a result, regardless of 10,000 pieces of translation work or 100,000 ones, committing itself to providing clients with remarkable cultural communication experiences in the most reliable and most cost-effective ways;

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