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Master Scholarships

Master Scholarships

Compared with the amount of scholarships for undergraduates, there are slightly more masters, but the competition is equally fierce. In 2021, we successfully matched hundreds of master applicants to their favorite universities and scholarship programs.

JTRH's senior overseas study consultants will provide students with professional one-to-one study abroad consulting services. First, our consultants will match the universities that best suit the needs of students based on the applicant’s performance, language proficiency, geographic requirements, scholarship requirements, and other comprehensive factors. Second, they will introduce the colleges and universities in detail, majors and employment prospect consultation.  At the same time, JTRH’s senior study abroad experts provide guidance on personal study plans, resume optimization, and recommendation letters according to specific college application and review methods; to further increase the admission rate of students’ scholarships.

At present, JTRH has established cooperation channels with nearly 300 universities in China. The exclusive application channel can help students submit applications more quickly and efficiently; it can also track application dynamics and provide feedback in a more timely and effective manner. 

How Much Does It Cost to Study Masters in China?

The fees for the master's degree for international students in China are usually as follows:

The first is the registration fee (including the necessary entrance examination fees): 400-800 yuan. Second, tuition: the tuition fee for liberal arts majors is about RMB 18,000-30,000 per academic year. The tuition fees for science and engineering majors are approximately RMB 19,800-39,000 per year compared to the corresponding liberal arts. For medicine, art, and sports majors: cf. liberal arts The tuition fee for the corresponding category will rise by 50%-100%, which is about RMB 27,000-60,000; third, the accommodation fee, dormitories for double rooms without separate sanitary and toilet facilities, telephones, and TVs for international students, the accommodation fee for each bed is 12 per day. -32 yuan RMB. When living alone in a dormitory, the charge is based on two beds, which is RMB 24-64 per day. Except for double and single rooms, the cost of quadruple rooms is about 2,000-6,000 yuan per year; when adding room equipment and improving accommodation conditions, the charges will be slightly higher, but the maximum will not exceed 2.5 times the above-mentioned ordinary international student dormitory charges. . Fourth, other expenses. Generally speaking, life in different cities and regions is slightly different, but the meals in school cafeterias are generally cheaper than outside. First-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen may be 1,500 to 2,000, second and third tier cities. The average monthly food cost in the city university is about 1,000, so you can live well. 

Can I Get a Scholarship in China for Masters?

So what are the requirements for applying for a master's scholarship? The first is the language requirements. For the master's scholarship program, students who apply for Chinese-taught courses require a minimum score of 180 in HSK Level 5. For students who apply for English-taught courses, the minimum requirement for master's degree is IELTS 6.0 or above or TOEFL iBT 80 or above; other requirements such as academic qualifications The age requirement is to have a bachelor's degree in relevant majors, be under 35 years old, be physically and mentally healthy, have good character and academics, and abide by Chinese laws and regulations and school discipline and school rules. The same as applying for undergraduate scholarships is that your sports, arts and other specialties, submit relevant certificates or award-winning experience to us as a bonus item in the scholarship review. 

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