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Nanjing University of the Arts

  • Category Public University
  • Attribute Provincial key universities in Jiangsu
  • City Nanjing
  • Preponderant Discipline

    Art theory, music and dance, drama and film, art, design

  • Key Majors

    Art theory, music and dance, drama and film, art, design

  • Total Students 10332
  • International Students /
  • Program Taught in English

    No programs

  • Monthly Living Cost(RMB) 1000
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Doctor Degree

Nanjing University of the Arts General Information

Nanjing University of the Arts is a century-old school with a long history and profound heritage. The school is located in the main urban area of Nanjing where history and modernity complement each other. It is in an urban cultural circle where tradition and fashion are organically blended. As China's first independent institution of higher art institutions and continues to this day, Nanjing University of the Arts is a university jointly established by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the People's Government of Jiangsu Province. In 1978, it was approved as one of the first colleges and universities to recruit graduate students in the country. In 1986, it was granted the right to confer a doctoral degree. After more than a century of construction and development, Nanjing Academy of the Arts has kept pace with the times, has grown strong through wind and rain, and has grown stronger through the vicissitudes of life. It has become an influential comprehensive higher art institution at home and abroad.

Nanjing University of the Arts Education

The school now has a college of fine arts, music, design, film and television, dance, media, popular music, industrial design, humanities, cultural industry, higher vocational education, adult education, and international education 14 secondary colleges including the School of Marxism; Art Research Institute, Information Construction Management Center, Journal Editorial Department, Jiangsu Calligraphy Creation Research Center, Art Education Institute, Art Museum, Affiliated Secondary Art School, Library, Society 9 directly affiliated units including the College of Education. There are art history theory, art management, music performance, musicology, composition and composition technology theory, dance performance, choreography, dance choreography, dance education, pop music, performance, drama film and television literature, radio and television choreography, theater film and television director, Drama, film and television art design, recording art, broadcasting and hosting art, animation, film and television photography and production, fine arts, painting, sculpture, photography, calligraphy, Chinese painting, cultural relics protection and restoration, art design, visual communication design, environmental design, There are 39 undergraduate majors in product design, clothing and apparel design, public art, arts and crafts, digital media art, art and technology, advertising, art education, cultural industry management, and public service management.

The school is the only university in the country that has the right to confer doctoral degrees in all five first-level disciplines under the disciplines of art and a post-doctoral research mobile station. In the fourth round of discipline assessment by the Ministry of Education in 2017, all five first-level disciplines ranked among the top six. Among them, fine arts were rated as A grade, music and dance studies, and design were rated as A-level, drama and film studies, and art theory were rated as B+; A-type disciplines reached 60% of the total number of disciplines in the school, ranking first in the province One; 4 disciplines ranked first in the province. In 2018, all five first-level disciplines were selected into the third-phase construction project of superior disciplines in universities in Jiangsu Province. Since 2015, 33 national scientific research projects have been approved.

Nanjing University of the Arts Scholarship

Foreign students who apply for Nanjing University of the Arts can apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, Nanjing Scholarship for Foreign Students and other school scholarships. Nanjing University of the Arts has School buildings and dormitories for foreign students with all sorts of facilities in order to offer a top-level environment to students.

Nanjing University of the Arts International Exchange

The history of recruitment of international students dates back to the fifties of the 1950s in Nanjing University of the Arts. Since the school of international education established in 1995, after more than 20 years of development, our school has already admitted more than several thousands of international students from five continents, more than 80 countries and regions, educating excellent international talents of different majors. Meanwhile, we set Chinese refresher course, recruiting Chinese learners from primary to advanced level. And we offer short-term courses such as Chinese Painting and Modern Handcrafts and designs several studying courses according to the condition of the short-term students. Our short-term programs are abundant in courses types and teaching forces with innovative extra-curriculum practices and extraordinary learning conditions. By now, we have succeeded in holding dozens of courses attended by students from European Union countries, America, Japan, South Korea.