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Northeast Normal University

  • Category Public University
  • Attribute 211,985,first-rate unversities and disciplines
  • City Changchun
  • Preponderant Discipline

    Art, Economics, Engineering, History, Literature, Pedagogy, Philosophy, Science, etc…

  • Key Majors

    Applied Economics, Basic Principles of Marxism, Chemistry

  • Total Students 28,024
  • International Students /
  • Program Taught in English

    Agrostology, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Psychology

  • Monthly Living Cost(RMB) 1100
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Doctor Degree

General Information of Northeast Normal University

The university currently has Free Campus and Jingyue Campus. There are 26,997 full-time students and 1,671 full-time teachers, including 511 professors and 645 associate professors. The school has 22 colleges (departments), 81 undergraduate majors, 23 first-level disciplines authorized by doctoral degree, 37 first-level disciplines authorized by master’s degree, 1 professional doctoral degree authorized point and 22 authorized professional master's degree points, and 22 post-doctoral research stations. Disciplinary points cover 11 disciplines except military science and medicine, forming a talent training system with distinct layers and diverse types.

The university takes education and teaching as its foundation. Since its establishment more than 70 years ago, the school has formed a distinctive school-running feature of "serving basic education", and is known as "the cradle of the people's teachers". In the 1950s, Cheng Fangwu, a famous educator and principal in my country, put forward the idea of running a school to serve primary and secondary education. The school was the first to set up a correspondence education in China's higher normal schools. In the 1980s, the school took the initiative to serve rural basic education. In the 1990s, the "Excellent Teacher Project" was implemented to cultivate excellent teachers for basic education; in the new century, the "Educator Training Project" was launched to explore the "UGS Teacher Education New Model". "Excellent Teacher Project" and "U-G-S New Model of Teacher Education" have successively won the first prize of national teaching achievements in higher education.

The university also takes scientific research as the foundation of a strong university. In recent years, the university's discipline construction has made historic breakthroughs. In the national "world-class universities and first-class discipline construction universities and construction disciplines" announced in September 2017, Marxist theory, world history, mathematics, chemistry, statistics, materials science Six disciplines of engineering and engineering were selected into the ranks of world-class discipline construction, ranking 19th in the country and the first among 211 colleges in the country. In the fourth round of subject evaluation by the Academic Degrees Center of the Ministry of Education, there were 6 A-category subjects (among which Marxist theory was rated A+) and 15 B-category subjects. 34 disciplines were selected as high-level disciplines with characteristics of Jilin Province. The school currently has 1 national engineering laboratory and 14 ministerial-level key research bases for drug gene and protein screening, 2 key research bases for humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education, the World Civilization History Research Center and the Rural Education Research Institute. In recent years, he has won four second prizes of the National Natural Science Awards, including two in the field of materials science research, one in the field of statistical research, and one in the field of chemical research; There are four first prizes in the Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Humanities and Social Sciences), including three in the field of historical research and one in the field of Marxist theory research.

International Cooperation and Exchange of Northeast Normal University

The university has successively established cooperation and exchanges with 297 universities and scientific research institutions in more than 30 countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, Japan, and Russia. In 2015, Rutgers Newark College of Northeast Normal University was established in cooperation with Rutgers State University of New Jersey. The school has established Confucius Institutes in South Korea, Spain, the United States, Canada, and Mongolia. Hanban, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have set up "International Chinese Language Teacher Training Base", "Chinese Education Base", "Educational Foreign Aid Base" and "China-ASEAN Education Training Center" in our school respectively. The preparatory school for Chinese students studying in Japan is located in our university.

Scholarships in Northeast Normal University

Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship and Scholarship for Chinese language students are provided by Northeast Normal University.

The Independent Enrollment Program of 2022 at Northeast Normal University (NENU) is starting now.

For the purpose of satisfying the growing demand of the international community for Chinese language teachers and facilitating Chinese language education in other countries, the Center for Language Education and Cooperation(CLEC) will continue with the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship(hereinafter referred to as the Scholarship). Confucius Institutes, independently operated Confucius Classrooms, certain HSK test centers, Chinese language (education) departments of foreign universities, professional associations for Chinese language instruction, Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad may recommend outstanding students and currently-employed Chinese language teachers for study of International Chinese Language Education or related majors at Chinese universities and colleges.