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Scholarship in China

Scholarship in China

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Scholarships in China for International Students 2021 and 2022

Our country has been enrolling international students since 1950, and it has a history of nearly 70 years. The categories of international students include language students, undergraduate students, master students, doctoral students, general visiting students, advanced visiting students, research scholars and other various types of short-term program students.

In order to encourage more high-quality overseas students to study in China, the Chinese government has established a series of scholarship programs. According to the amount of scholarship, it can be divided into full scholarship and partial scholarship. Full scholarship includes tuition, accommodation, living expenses and other expenses. Partial scholarships are one or more of the full scholarships. For overseas students coming to China, there are six types of scholarships, including Chinese government scholarship, local government scholarship, Confucius Institute scholarship, university scholarship, enterprise scholarship, and other scholarships. No matter which kind of scholarship, there is always one scholarship that can apply to you.

The number of full scholarships in 2020 has been reduced by half, compared to 2019. Not only in 2021, according to the leak of some teachers who work closely, but the number of scholarships will also be less and less in the future, and colleges and universities will be more and more strict with students’ scholarships. For example, students who do not have any language scores in previous years can also apply for a full scholarship, which even includes the cost of the first year of preparatory Chinese. However, since last year, students with no language scores are basically unable to apply for scholarships, while students applying for undergraduate courses need to reach at least HSK level 4 to apply.

The most feedback we have heard recently is, " Next year may keep online studying, so I will apply the year after the next." First of all, no one can be sure whether next year will be taught online or offline. Recently for international students who hope to return to China, Foreign Ministry spokesman Mr Wang Wenbin said: " The Chinese government attaches great importance to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the students in China, requires the relevant universities to keep close contact with overseas students, carefully arrange online teaching, properly handle students' reasonable concerns and demands. China will on the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention safety, the overall study of students in China and will maintain communication with all parties." This means that the Chinese Foreign Ministry attaches great importance to students studying in China, which shows the hope of studying in China is on the road.

How to Apply for Scholarship in China? What services can JTRH provide?

1.Information Consultation

- One-to-one consulting services provided by a senior consultant;

- Present major courses and provide consultation on employment prospects of the specialty.

2.University Matching

- Customize an exclusive Study-in-China Program, matching three appropriate universities based on the applicant’s academic performance, language level, and regional preference.

- Recommend the scholarship program according to the applicant's requirements

3.Material review and optimization

- Senior expert provides services of examination and verification of transcripts and academic certificates;

- Senior expert helps to optimize the study plan, resume and recommendation letter of the applicant;

- Organize, review and optimize all application materials of the applicant to improve the success rate of admission.

4.Application Service

- JTRH exclusive application channel will facilitate a rapid and efficient application;

- Professional application staff will upload materials according to the specific requirements of different universities to improve the success rate of material passing.

5.Process Tracking, result feedback

- We have cooperation with 300+ universities in China. Our institution can connect with those universities timely;

- Keep abreast of the application status and trends, timely feedback on the admission results to the applicant

- Track the entire application process of the university and scholarship until receiving the letter of admission.

6.Admission Result Confirmation

- Be sure to receive a minimum of one letter of admission from the universities

- If the application fails, the applicant can get a second or third application opportunity free of charge.


- Provide training service for the preparation before departure;

- Book the on-campus accommodation;

-Book taxi of airport pickup and drop-off;

8.Employment arrangement

- During your stay in China, you can participate in various JTRH international student activities;

- Internship/job guidance, recommendation for job opportunity;

Juntai Ronghong (JTRH) is a company that insists on doing education attentively. No matter how the external environment changes, no matter how difficult the road ahead, we always uphold the concept of "FOR FUTURE, FOR BETTER", and strive for excellence in serving students. Putting the needs of students as the first priority, we insist on being a bridge for Chinese and foreign students to learn and communicate. At present, our database has accumulated all the professional information and enrollment information of more than 600 universities in China, which can quickly and accurately match the universities suitable for students according to their needs within a few minutes. At the same time, our contracted authorized institutions also reach more than hundreds of universities in all major cities in China, covering all majors that students need to apply for. Whether you want to learn computer, design, medicine, engineering and other mainstream majors, or some front-end popular majors such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, or some relatively unpopular majors, we can all use our information system to quickly match a suitable university for you.

After 5 years of development, JTRH has also cultivated a group of professional team members. Our consultant teachers have been systematically trained and certified and can provide students with accurate services professionally. Regardless of whether our total number of students is 100 or 1,000, each student has his own study abroad consultant for one-on-one consultation and services. From consultation, college matching, material optimization, application, offer distribution, and registration, The whole process has a dedicated person to follow up. And we promise that if students need support in China after enrollment, we will try our best to help students solve them until graduation. Rome was not built in a day. We will build the Great Wall of JTRH with professional services and a dedicated attitude.

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