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Shanghai University of International Business and Economics

  • Category Public University
  • Attribute Key University of shanghai
  • City Shanghai
  • Preponderant Discipline

    Economics, Law, Management Science, etc…

  • Key Majors

    Accounting, Auditing, Business Management

  • Total Students 12057
  • International Students /
  • Program Taught in English

    Accounting, Business English, Business Management

  • Monthly Living Cost(RMB) 1650
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Doctor Degree

Shanghai University of International Business and Economics general information

Founded in 1960, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (formerly Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade) is one of the first two undergraduate colleges established by the former Ministry of Foreign Trade, and is known as the "cradle of China's foreign economic and trade talents". In 1994, the school was placed under the management of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government; in 2009, it was selected as one of the first batch of WTO lecture colleges in the world and China's first; in 2013, it was renamed Shanghai University of International Business and Economics; The only regional training partner established in mainland China among the 7 global WTO training partners; in 2021, approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, it will become a doctoral degree granting unit, and applied economics will become a first-level discipline doctoral degree granting point, ranking among the key construction projects in Shanghai. the ranks of high-level local colleges and universities. The school was born because of trade power, flourished because of opening to the outside world, prospered because of comprehensive reform, and opened up business in the new era. After more than 60 years of development, it has built a talent training system with distinctive features and outstanding advantages. , has achieved fruitful results in the training of high-level, applied, international economic and trade talents and decision-making consulting research in the field of international economic and trade, and the comprehensive school-running strength has been significantly improved.

Shanghai University of International Business and Economics education

The school has always adhered to the school-running philosophy of "student-oriented, academic-oriented" and abide by the school motto of "integrity, tolerance, erudition, and pragmatism". Talent training reflects high admission scores, high employment quality, high employment salary and strong foreign language skills. Features. The school has 10 national-level first-class undergraduate major construction sites, 4 national-level first-class undergraduate courses, 19 national-level undergraduate teaching quality and teaching reform projects, 1 Shanghai university first-class undergraduate construction leading plan project, and Shanghai university curriculum ideological and political focus There is 1 reform pilot college and 2 applied undergraduate pilot majors in Shanghai universities. In 2019, the school was selected as one of the top 50 "National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Typical Experience Universities" and the Ministry of Education's "National Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture Inheritance Base in Colleges and Universities"; Build colleges and universities. In the QS 2019 rankings, the school ranks 82nd among colleges and universities in mainland China; in the 2020 Soft Science China University of Finance and Economics Rankings, the school ranks 10th in the country; in the 2021 National College Graduate Salary Index Ranking, The school ranks 13th in the country.

The school has established an open economic subject group with applied economics as the leader, rational layout and coordinated development of economics, management, grammar and science. There is currently 1 first-level discipline doctoral program (applied economics), applied economics, business administration, law, foreign language and literature. , 7 master programs in first-level disciplines such as theoretical economics, statistics and Marxist theory, 2 peak plateau disciplines in Shanghai universities (applied economics, business administration), 2 key disciplines in Shanghai, and 5 key disciplines of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission indivual. Among them, applied economics and business administration are ranked in the top 20% of the soft subjects, and theoretical economics, law, and statistics are ranked in the top 30% of the soft subjects.

Shanghai University of International Business and Economics Scholarship

(1) Chinese Government Scholarships In order to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and the people of the world, and to develop exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries in the fields of education, science and technology, culture, economy and trade, the Chinese government has established a series of The scholarship program subsidizes students and scholars from all over the world to study, pursue advanced studies and engage in research activities in Chinese institutions of higher learning. At the same time, it also provides various subsidies such as accommodation, living expenses and insurance. The Ministry of Education of China is responsible for providing Chinese government scholarships, and entrusts the China Scholarship Council to be responsible for enrollment and daily management. Since September 2011, our school has started to accept Chinese government scholarship students.

(2) Shanghai Government Scholarships for Foreign Students (Shanghai Government Scholarships) In order to further promote the development of education for foreign students in Shanghai and attract more outstanding foreign students to study in Shanghai, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission has established the Shanghai Government for Foreign Students since 2005. The scholarship is used to subsidize outstanding foreign students to receive undergraduate or higher education in Shanghai's institutions of higher learning. The Shanghai government scholarships for foreign students are divided into three categories: A, B and C. Type A scholarship (full scholarship) is used to subsidize outstanding foreign students to come to Shanghai to receive postgraduate-level higher education. Scholarship recipients can receive a full scholarship including tuition, living expenses and comprehensive medical insurance for international students during the corresponding academic period. Type B scholarships (partial scholarships) are used to subsidize outstanding foreign students to come to Shanghai to receive higher education at the undergraduate level or above. Scholarship recipients can receive full tuition assistance for the corresponding academic period. Type C Scholarship (Excellent Student Scholarship) is used to reward long-term foreign students who have studied in Shanghai universities with excellent character and academic performance. Scholarship recipients receive a one-time award for the academic year.

(3) Shanghai University of International Business and Economics Scholarships for International Students in China (SUIBE Scholarships) In order to promote the process of internationalization of higher education in our school, attract more outstanding foreign students to study in our school, further improve the quality of students in our school, and inspire international students to study hard Enthusiasm, carry forward the enterprising spirit of international students, and guide and promote students to form a good learning style and spirit. Our school has established a number of scholarships for international students. At the end of each semester or each academic year, according to the international students' test scores, learning attitudes and achievements. On-campus and off-campus awards are awarded to our school scholarships.

International Exchange and Cooperation of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics

The School of International Cultural Exchange was established in June 2002. As an independent secondary college, it is a specialized institution of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics responsible for recruiting international students, as well as a teaching unit specially responsible for cultivating international students. Since its establishment, the International Exchange College has continued to expand its business. Currently, there are four main projects: 1) Diploma education for international students; 2) Exchange student program, which is responsible for accepting exchange students from foreign partner institutions and selecting students from our school. Exchange to foreign partner institutions; 3) Language student program, recruiting students from all over the world to study Chinese in China; 4) Study trip program, using summer vacation to select students to go to famous foreign universities for three to four-week study trips. With the continuous deepening of our school's idea of running an international school, the number of international students in our school and the number of exchange students sent abroad are increasing year by year, and the number of foreign universities that have signed contracts with our school is also increasing. In order to meet the needs of our students to go abroad for further study after graduation, the School of International Exchange is actively expanding the "3+1" study abroad through train program.

Gradually expand the team of teachers and optimize teacher resources. At present, there are more than 30 full-time and part-time Chinese language teachers inside and outside the school. In addition to regular Chinese classes at five levels, the language student program also offers new corporate language training classes, daily oral language intensive classes, and HSK pre-examination intensive tutoring classes according to the characteristics of the current composition of international students. A variety of colorful Chinese culture and economic and trade courses.

In order to attract international students to study and live in our school better, the School of International Cultural Exchange has carried out various cultural experience activities with rich content. Our school organizes international students to participate in a two-day Chinese cultural experience tour every semester, so that they can experience the great rivers and mountains in China. At the same time, they understand the rich cultural connotation of China and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture. In addition, the networking activities with the students of our school's Songjiang campus every semester is an important way for international students to understand the local students to learn Chinese.

In order to provide our students with opportunities to accumulate overseas study and internship experience and improve their employment competitiveness, our school actively expands channels to discuss exchange student programs with foreign business schools.

Our school receives more than 2,000 international students from more than 100 countries every year, and sends thousands of students to 25 foreign universities for exchange and study.

Our faculty and staff warmly welcome the vast number of international students from home and abroad to study at Shanghai University of International Business and Economics and will send more students to study abroad!