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Southern University of Science and Technology

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Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is a research-oriented public university founded in Shenzhen, China's innovation center. The school draws on the discipline setting and school-running mode of world-class universities of science and technology. With a major focus on science, engineering and medicine, the discipline system also contain both business science and characteristic humanities and social science. Running at the undergraduate, master's and doctoral levels and research in a series of new discipline directions, making the school the ideological database and source of new knowledge and new technologies leading social development.

More than 90% of teaching and research teachers have overseas work experience, and more than 60% have work or study experience in the top 100 universities in the world. High-level talents account for more than 40% of the teaching staff.

At present, the school has set up eight major colleges including the College of Science and Engineering, established 30 departments and several centers, and opened 34 undergraduate majors. In 2018, SUSTech was selected as a doctoral degree authorization unit and a master's degree authorization unit and was approved for six master's degree authorization first-level disciplines and engineering master's degree authorization sites including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, mechanics, and electronic science and technology. Also was approved as four doctoral authorization points in mathematics, physics, biology and mechanics.

Students who pass online exams and interviews will have the chance to receive a full scholarship, which is equivalent to US$9000-10000 per year, covers tuition fees, dormitories, insurance and living expenses during the four years of college study on the condition that good academic standing is maintained.