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International Students in China Testimonials

After 6 years of development, JTRH has cultivated a group of professional team members. Our consultant teachers have been systematically trained and certified and can provide students with accurate services professionally. Regardless of whether our total number of students is 1 or 100 or 1,000, each student has his own study abroad consultant for one-on-one consultation and services. From consultation, college matching, material optimization, application, offer distribution, and registration, The whole process has a dedicated person to follow up. And we promise that if students need support in China after enrollment, we will try our best to help students solve them until graduation. Thoughtful and professional services can win the trust of students, JTRH has always attached great importance to the feelings of students. Let's take a look at what the students said!

Testimonials of Students Studying in China

  • YEE TAN GUOJING-Malaysia-2012.12.23
    YEE TAN GUOJING-Malaysia-2012.12.23
    Ningbo university-Full Scholarship

    I'm very happy to know about JTRH. They helped me a lot with my studies and also especially JASON. He understand my situation and help me solve all my problem and able to help me apply my scholarship. He was the only one there helping me all the time. Thank you JASON and JTRH.

  • Jidapha Mangkale-Thailand-2021.12.20
    Jidapha Mangkale-Thailand-2021.12.20
    Tianjin University-Partial Scholarship

    CU was extremely helpful in helping me find the perfect scholarship. I had been looking for ages and many of the university websites are a little confusing and didn't contain the information I needed. As soon as I made contact with CU, they helped to clear up all the confusion, advised me on the best course of action, timings, costs and expected learning outcomes. In short, I couldn't have got on this programme without their help. I have loved it so far and would recommend the experience to anyone thinking about doing it.

  • Papitchaya Kaewtha-Thailand-2021.12.24
    Papitchaya Kaewtha-Thailand-2021.12.24
    Dali University-Full Scholarship

    Thank you JTRH for your continuous help. From the first step to my admission to the university, JTRH was very professional . I was anxious at first, but now I feel more confident and I have been very impressed by JTRH.

  • Nigvaree  Khumsap-Thailand-2021.12.24
    Nigvaree Khumsap-Thailand-2021.12.24
    Dali University-Full Scholarship

    I got to know JTRH from my friend, I try to consult this company. However, my friend did not get the Chinese government scholarship, so I was not sure whether I could trust this company at that time. I searched for information about JTRH on the Internet, and I even asked my friend who had applied for Chinese government scholarship how to contact JTRH, which enabled me to have a deeper understanding of JTRH. JTRH is very kind to me, no matter what questions I have, they actively help and answer them, they obviously help me with all the application materials, I just have to do what they say, when I have a question, they always tell me to ask without hesitation. Thanks forJTRH's help and coordination, I was able to obtain the full scholarship of the university as I had hoped.

  • Victor-Indonesia-2021.12.20
    Dali University-Full Scholarship

    JTRH is a platform to study abroad in China. They help me many times when I got not have many choices to study in China. They help me and now I am a student at Dali University. I suggest for those who want to study abroad in China just contact JTRH. They can give you many options to study abroad in China.

  • Cindy-Indonesia-2021.12.23
    Northeast Agricultural University-Full Scholarship

    I am happy to know JTRH as my agent. I want to thank JTRH and the entire team, especially Jason, for helping me apply for my scholarship and helping me register to a 211 school in Harbin. He helped me find the right university and scholarship that I need the most. He was there for me through the entire process and was knowledgeable of everything. If I had any queries, He would always reply promptly. JTRH also provides us information about any available scholarship that we can apply for FREE, which I really thankful for. Thanks again, Jason, 苏老师 and Cherry Laoshi, for helping me achieve my dreams.

  • Pang Haw Feng-Malaysia-2021.12.20
    Pang Haw Feng-Malaysia-2021.12.20
    Zhejiang university-Self-funded

    JTRH is one of the most professional one-stop study-in-china platforms in China. The results speak for themselves and I am now a graduate student of Zhejiang University in 2021 . The journey of thousand miles begins with one step. Please do not hesitate to contact JTRH for more information if you wish to pursue your education dreams in China.

  • Carmenita-Indoesina-2021.12.25
    Central South University-Full Scholarship

    I'm currently a fresh student of Central South University. I'm very happy to meet JTRH. Because JTRH help me to apply universities in China. Before application, they told me clearly about teh documents or condition needed. There is no any delay in the application process. In the process of application, whenever I have an application-related question, they can answer me in time. In the end , I got the news that I was admitted with scholarship.  Except the Central South University, they also give me more alteration, like universities in different city and different kinds of scholarship. Among these universities ,some are prestigious. That's so nice to me.

  • Hor DaRa-Cambodia-2021.12.19
    Hor DaRa-Cambodia-2021.12.19
    China University of Geoscience-Full Scholarship

    I'm currently a fresh student of Computer Science and Technology in China University of Geoscience . JTRH is a very reliable company. They explain to us about every application peroid in time .

  • MvstafaMuhammed-Kazakhstan-2021.12.15
    China University Of Petroleum-Full Scholarship

    I am currently an undergraduate student in China University of Petroleum, majoring in Chemical Engineering and Technology, taught in English. In 2019, I got to know JTRH on the recommendation of my friends. They helped me successfully get the admission of China University of Petroleum. I want to thank JTRH for giving me the opportunity to realize my dream.

  • THONG THI DAO-Vietnam-2021.12.21
    THONG THI DAO-Vietnam-2021.12.21
    Zhejiang Gongshang University-Full Scholarship

    I am from Vietnam. I am currently studying in the second year of undergraduate degree at Zhejiang Gongshang University, majoring in business administration. I like China very much, so I learned Chinese when I was in Vietnam. It has always been my dream to study in China, but I don’t know which major I should choose. And the school, my Chinese teacher recommended JTRH company, they helped me choose the school, major and successfully helped me get the admission letter, I now like my school, and my teachers, I am very grateful to JTRH for their help I also thank China for giving me this opportunity to come to China to study.

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