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The Best Time to Apply for Chinese Universities

Chinese full-time universities’ school year contains two semesters (except for a few ones that start trial implementation of the 3-semester system). The first semester starts in the autumn of each year, and the second semester starts in spring. Student studies 5 days a week, each semester lasts about 20 weeks.

 Spring semester

Courses offered in the spring semester usually are Chinese language training, short-term cultural, medical training, and the like. The spring semester starts in early March of each year; the application usually starts on Sept. or Oct. of the previous year and closes in mid-January of the current year. The application deadline of some universities is at the end of December of the previous year.

Autumn semester

Courses offered in an autumn semester are usually degree programs, Chinese foundation programs, short-term Chinese language training, and other short-term training programs (Cultural, Medical training, and so on). Autumn semester starts on Sept. of each year; Application usually starts at the beginning of March and closes before mid-Jul. The deadline of some universities is at the end of June, nevertheless in some universities, the deadline is extended to the end of August.

In addition, most Chinese universities’ Chinese language courses accept application throughout the year, the foreign students can apply at any time.

That the specific date to apply, especially the application date of short-term training programs, please refer to or consult us.

Time Arrangement for Study in China

(Our suggestions)

Application for a course offered in Spring Semester

Sept. to Oct. of the current year: Submitting the Application

Nov. to Dec. of the current year: Waiting for admission result and JW202 form issuing

Jan of the next year: Waiting for receiving the Admission materials mailed

Feb. of the next year: Applying for a visa and preparing for going to university (Luggage, Air Tickets, Accommodation, etc.)

For short-term(less than 6 months) Chinese language or other training program students, the university usually will not issue JW202 form, and will not mail original admission notice,

instead, most universities will send students a canned copy of the admission notice, so students can apply for a tourist (L) visa or visitor’s (F) visa to come to the university.

The student should contact the university in time when scanned copies of admission notice, letter of invitation are required for applying for tourist (L) visa or visitor’s (F) visa.

Application for a course offered in Autumn Semester

March to April: Submitting the Application

May to June: Waiting for admission result and form JW202 issuing

July: Waiting for receiving the Admission materials mailed

August: Applying for visa and preparing for going to university (Luggage, Air Tickets, Accommodation, etc.)

September: Going to university

When applying for a Chinese university, the earlier, the better, so that, on one hand, there will be enough time for you to prepare for materials that are required for your application;

on the other hand, there will be more time left for you to deal with emergency cases that may happen during the application. For example, the correspondence address that some students provide are not specific enough so that admission documents cannot arrive at the right place to be collected, thus impacting the registration time of the university in which they are enrolled, as well as missing other universities’ application time, especially for those who applied for only one university, much more time should be guaranteed for the application so as to make a considerable plan.

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