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The Central Academy of Drama

  • Category Public University
  • Attribute World-class discipline universities
  • City Beijing
  • Preponderant Discipline

    Art, etc…

  • Key Majors

    Artistic Theory (Dramaturgy), Drama and Film Literature, Drama, Film and Television Director (Film Choreographer)

  • Total Students 3000
  • International Students /
  • Program Taught in English

    No programs

  • Monthly Living Cost(RMB) 1600
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Doctor Degree

Central Academy of Drama general information

The Central Academy of Drama is the first drama education institution of higher learning in New China. It is an institution directly under the Ministry of Education. It is the highest institution of Chinese drama, film and television art education. The headquarters of the Drama Education Research Center and the secretariat of the World Drama Education Alliance are located, and it is a world-renowned art school.

Central Academy of Drama education

The Central Academy of Drama consists of the Department of Acting, the Department of Directing, the Department of Stage Art, the Department of Drama Literature, the Department of Musical Theatre, the Department of Peking Opera, the Department of Opera, the Department of Dance Drama, the Department of Puppet Drama, the Department of Drama Education, the Department of Drama Management, the Department of Film and Television, and the Department of Drama. . Undergraduate majors include: Acting, Drama and Film Directing, Drama and Film Art Design, Recording Art, Drama and Film Literature, Drama Studies, Drama Education, Art Management, Broadcasting and Hosting Art. The college has doctoral and master's degree authorized first-level disciplines in drama and film and television and art theory. The college has set up a post-doctoral research station.

The Central Academy of Drama has China's only national-level teaching team in the field of performance, the only national-level specialty construction site in the field of directing, the only national-level talent training model innovation experimental area for musical theatre performance teaching, and the only national-level experiment in drama, film and television. Teaching Demonstration Center. The college is a member of the Chinese Drama Association, the Director Art Committee of the Chinese Dramatists Association, the International Stage Art Federation, the China Dance Art Association, the International Stage Art Organization China Center, the China Branch of the International Drama Critics Association, the China Stage Art Education Alliance, and the Teaching Professional Committee of the China Musical Theatre Association. , the China Primary and Secondary School Drama Education Research Center, the China Drama Culture Management Collaborative Innovation Center, the “Belt and Road” National Film Education International Alliance and the World Dance Drama Education Alliance are located.


In the Academy’s long-term history, it continues to uphold the principle of realism, and inherits Chinese aesthetic traditions as well as carefully absorbs from other cultures. The Academy constantly consolidates basis and strengthens practice, and pursues the spirit of “genuineness, creation and beauty”. The institution commits itself to training drama, film & TV art talents for the country and the world. A majority of graduates have become world-famous artists, scholars, professors and writers, who have made remarkable contributions to the prosperity and development of Chinese drama, film & TV industry.


Facing the future, the Central Academy of Drama will firmly grasp the opportunities to deepen the reform of higher education and accelerate the development of the school system. It strives to increase the quality of education and education management, promotes teaching quality and reform construction, and strengthens discipline and high-level faculty team construction. The Academy also promotes organizational innovations, and carries out multilateral exchanges and cooperation with world's drama education institutions. This ensures the comprehensive strength and overall quality of the Academy. The Central Academy of Drama maintains its strength as one of the top-level art schools in the world with outstanding characteristics.