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Tiangong University

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Tiangong university general information

Tiangong university is a full-time general institution of higher learning jointly established by the Ministry of Education and Tianjin Municipality and a key construction of Tianjin Municipality. The school has a long history of running a school. It was founded in 1912 and changed its name to Tiangong university in 2000. In 2017, it was selected as a national "double first-class" world-class discipline construction university. One of the earliest institutions to carry out higher education in textiles, it has now developed into a multi-disciplinary comprehensive university focusing on engineering and coordinated development of engineering, science, literature, management, economics, law, art, and medicine.

The school covers an area of about 1.95 million square meters, with a total construction area of 860,000 square meters. The school consists of 5 departments, 24 colleges, 1 academy, and 2 affiliated hospitals. There are more than 22,000 undergraduate students, more than 4,700 full-time master students, nearly 500 doctoral students, and more than 1,500 adult education degree students. There are more than 2,050 international students (more than 500 academic students).

Tiangong university education

The school adheres to the development idea of "strengthening engineering, excellence in science, fine arts, and medicine", and has formed a good academic ecological layout with engineering as the main and multi-disciplinary development. The school currently has 65 undergraduate majors, including 15 national first-class professional construction sites, 6 national-level characteristic majors, 4 municipal first-class professional construction sites, 15 Tianjin brand majors, and 6 Tianjin strategic emerging industries. Relevant majors, 8 Tianjin advantaged and characteristic majors, 12 applied majors, and 4 majors have passed the professional certification of engineering education. The school has 1 national key discipline, 12 Tianjin key disciplines, 1 discipline has been selected as the national "double first-class" discipline, 5 disciplines have been selected as Tianjin first-class disciplines, and 5 disciplines have been selected into the top discipline cultivation plan of Tianjin universities. There are 2 characteristic discipline groups in Tianjin and 2 characteristic discipline groups in Tianjin service industry; the school has 3 post-doctoral mobile stations and 6 doctoral degree authorization points (5 doctoral degree authorization points for first-level disciplines and 1 doctoral degree authorization category) , has 26 first-level discipline master's degree authorization points and 11 master's professional degree authorization categories; Textile Science and Engineering obtained A+ in the fourth round of national discipline evaluation; 4 disciplines entered the top 1% of ESI in the world. In 2018, he was selected into the Discipline Innovation and Talent Introducing Program of Higher Education Institutions.

Tiangong university Scholarship

The scholarships that Tiangong university can apply for are the Chinese Government Scholarship and the Tiangong university Scholarship for International Students. Among them, government scholarships are free of tuition and accommodation, and living allowances are also provided. Part of the tuition fee can be reduced or exempted by the Tiangong university International Student Scholarship.

Tiangong university International Exchange and Cooperation

The school is a university that accepts Chinese government scholarships for international students to study in China, and the Ministry of Education's "Quality Certification for Studying in China" universities. The school has established long-term friendly cooperation and exchanges with more than 110 universities or institutions in more than 60 countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, the United States, South Korea, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. The school was shortlisted for two awards in the 2020 Times Higher Education Asia Awards, joined the European Textile University Alliance, established the country's first Confucius Institute in Burkina Faso, and jointly established the "Punjab Tianjin Technical University" with the Punjab Province of Pakistan. Inter-school exchanges carry out various forms of student exchange programs such as undergraduate "2+2" and "3+1", postgraduate exchange study, double degree, etc. Every year, we vigorously select undergraduates and postgraduates to study abroad, and accept foreign and Students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan come to the school to study.