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Tsinghua University

  • Category Public University
  • Attribute 211,985,first-rate unversities and disciplines
  • City Beijing
  • Preponderant Discipline

    Economics, Engineering, Management Science, Science, etc…

  • Key Majors

    Architecture, Astrophysics, Automation and Industrial Engineering

  • Total Students /
  • International Students /
  • Program Taught in English

    Architecture, Business Management, Computer Science and Technology

  • Monthly Living Cost(RMB) 1600

Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Doctor Degree

The campus of Tsinghua University is situated in northwest Beijing on the site of the former imperial gardens of the Qing Dynasty and surrounded by a number of historical sites.

With the motto of "Self-discipline and Social Commitment" and the spirit of "Actions Speak Louder Than Words", Tsinghua University is dedicated to the well-being of Chinese society and to world development. As one of China's most prestigious and influential universities, Tsinghua is committed to cultivating global citizens who will thrive in today's world and become tomorrow's leaders. Through the pursuit of education and research at the highest level of excellence, Tsinghua is developing innovative solutions that will help solve pressing problems in China and the world.

Tsinghua is consistently ranked among the very best universities in the world by the most respected international university rankings.

No.1 in China

QS World University Rankings (2020)
US News Global University Rankings (2020)
Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2020)
ARWU World University Rankings (2019)

Top 3 in Asia

Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2020) (No. 1)
US News Global University Rankings (2020) (No. 2)
QS World University Rankings (2020) (No. 3)
ARWU World University Rankings (2019) (No. 3)

Subject rankings (US News 2020)

No. 1 Engineering
No. 1 Computer Science
No. 6 Materials Science
No. 7 Chemistry

Top 25 in the World

QS World University Rankings (2020) (No. 16)

THE World University Rankings (2020) (No. 23)

Tsinghua is home to a remarkably diverse community. In 2019, more than 4,000 international students from over 130 countries were enrolled, including more than 3,200-degree students and over 700 non-degree students. Worldwide, more than 30,000 Tsinghua international alumni make significant contributions to social, scientific, economic, and sustainable development.

The Zijing International Student Apartments of Tsinghua University provide three types of dormitory rooms to the international students: single room (private bedroom and bathroom), RMB 80/day; AB room (private bedroom, shared bathroom), RMB 80/day/person; double room (two beds in one room, shared bathroom on each floor), RMB 40/day/person. Included in each room are bedclothes, air-conditioner, Internet access and furniture.

The apartments have a capacity of accommodating around 2000 international students, i.e, about 60% of the total studying at Tsinghua. For more details of the apartments, please visit Zijing International Student Apartments.

If you do not successfully book a room in the on-campus apartments, you need to arrange off-campus accommodation also in advance.

Tsinghua student dining halls are famous for their good service and reasonable price among the universities in Beijing. There are more than 10 student dining halls on campus, providing a variety of dishes including Muslim and Western food. Close to the Zijing International Student Apartments are the Zhilanyuan, Zijingyuan, Taoliyuan, and Yushuyuan dining halls. In addition, there are several fast-food restaurants and Cafes on campus, where you may meet many international students. Outside the east gate (actually the main gate) of the campus, there are McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, and Yoshinoya, etc., as well as a variety of Chinese restaurants.

Tsinghua encourages diversity, where there are totally 263 registered student organizations on campus. They can be classified into 6 categories: culture, arts, sports, science and technology innovation, public welfare, and quality development. According to statistics, every undergraduate student has joined 2.4 clubs during their studies in Tsinghua, and the number of members of all student organizations exceeds 34,000.

Also, Tsinghua is especially dedicated to physical education. Therefore, there are many sports meets and games for students to participate in both individually or as a team. Ma Yuehan Cup is an annual sport meet on campus in which student representatives from all departments compete in the programs such as track and field, ball games, and even chess games.