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University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Category Public University
  • Attribute Universities directly under the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • City Beijing
  • Preponderant Discipline


  • Key Majors


  • Total Students 60000
  • International Students /
  • Program Taught in English

    PhD: Geodesy and Survey Engineering, Geochemistry, Geobiology, Genomics, Genetics, Basic Mechanics and Mechanics, Basic Mathematics, Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Machinery and Engineering, Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Economics and Environmental Management , Engineering thermophysics, engineering mechanics,Electromagnetic field and microwave technology, electrical machinery and electrical appliances, ecology, developmental biology, development and educational psychology, control theory and control engineering, condensed matter physics, computer system structure, computer software and theory, computer application technology, computational mathematics, computational biology Science, communication and information systems, circuits and systems, polymer chemistry and physics, chemical technology, chemical process machinery, chemical engineering, cell biology, cartography and geographic information systems, botany, biophysics, bioinformatics, biology Chemistry and molecular biology, biochemical engineering, basic psychology, atomic and molecular physics, atmospheric physics and atmospheric environment, astrophysics, astrometry and celestial mechanics, aquaculture, applied psychology, applied mathematics, applied chemistry, analytical chemistry, Agricultural economic management, acoustics. Master: Cartography and Geographic Information System, Botany, Biophysics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biochemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry Chemical Technology, Chemical Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics

  • Monthly Living Cost(RMB) 1000Yuan/Year
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University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, referred to as USAS.

Faculty in UCAS

As of December 2020, USAS has 3,091 full-time teachers, including 178 academicians of both Academy of Sciences; 12,859 graduate instructors in each training unit, including 7,276 doctoral supervisors (including 232 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and 39 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering).

International Students in UCAS

The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences has good conditions for recruit and train high-level international students. In recent years, with the superior fields of disciplines and the extensive international cooperation and exchange platform, the University of Science and Technology international students and education has developed rapidly. At present, more than 4,200 mentors from more than 120 training units (including research institutes, institutes, centers, parks, Taiwan, stations and departments affiliated to the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) have the intention of recruiting and cultivating international students. Scholarship programs include "Belt and Road" Alliance of International Scientific Organizations (ANSO) Scholarship, Chinese Government Scholarship, International Student Scholarship of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. At present, there are more than 1,800 international students, among which 1,000 doctoral students are registered, ranking among the top universities in China for many consecutive years. We warmly welcome outstanding students from all over the world to visit and study for graduate degrees!

At present, more than 120 national university majors can recruit foreign doctoral students, involving 83 majors in seven categories: science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, economics and philosophy.The top 10 majors with the largest learning numbers include botany, innovation management, ecology, natural geography, neurobiology, biochemistry and Molecular biology, mapping and GIS, Chemical Engineering, Nanoscience and Technology, and Materials Physics and Chemistry. In 2014-2015, the school also has more than 200 foreign postgraduate student programs taught in Chinese, as well as nine foreign postgraduate student programs taught in English, including botany, ecology, environmental science, chemical engineering, innovation management, and administration.

Most of the foreign students graduated from world universities or first-class universities in their parent country. In the fall semester of 2014,711 graduate students from six countries from 70 continents, with 73% pursuing doctoral degrees and 27% pursuing master's degrees. Among them, more than 90 people participated in the double-degree joint training doctoral student program of "China-Denmark Science and Education Center".According to statistics, the number of foreign students studying for doctoral degrees has reached 546, ranking the number of Chinese universities.The top 10 countries of international students include Denmark, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Thailand, Kenya, Iran, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, and Nigeria.

At the same time, UCAS also recruits non-degree foreign students, including ordinary advanced students (including exchange students, scientific research exchange students) and advanced advanced students.At present, there are more than 40 foreign advanced students who are engaged in special research. The university has more than 100 English graduate courses open for advanced students.

Teaching facilities and literature resources

UCAS has rich literature resources and modern teaching conditions. The University of Science and Technology shares the resources of the Literature Intelligence Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Literature Intelligence Center has rich collection resources and electronic documents. Students can also use all kinds of resources and services in the branches of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the libraries of Yanqi Lake Campus and Yuquan Road Campus.

China University of Science and Technology has excellent teaching facilities and comprehensive application of multimedia, online video education and other modern teaching means.UCAS has paid close attention to teaching quality, exercised strict teaching management, strengthened the construction of teachers, and published a large number of high-level professional textbooks.

International exchange and cooperation

Based on the rich scientific and educational resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a strong international cooperation platform, the University of Science and Technology has carried out various forms and contents of international academic cooperation and teacher-student exchanges, and continuously enhanced the international academic reputation and international of the university's influence. At present, with Harvard University, MIT, Columbia University, Stanford university, Cambridge, university of Bristol, Munich, Germany, Australian national university, Sorbonne university of France, Paris university of science, art and humanities, university of Toronto, the National university of Singapore and other world-class universities and the Royal Academy of Sciences, Germany, the national research institute, the national research institute, American Academy of Sciences and other international famous scientific research institutions have established close contact and exchange relations. Relying on the Overseas Science and Education Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Joint Overseas Science and Education Center of the University of Science and Technology, The opening ceremony has been held in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Uzbekistan, providing a platform for scientific and technological innovation cooperation with "Belt and Road" countries and training high-level talents.CAS is the one of the member universities of the Pacific Rim University Alliance (APRU), the vice president of the "Double First-Class" University International Exchange Branch of China Association for International Education and the first universities to join the cooperation mechanism of first-class universities between China and Australia.