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What Are the Universities in Tianjin?

Tianjin is a municipality directly under the Central Government, which is located in northern China and is the largest port city in northern China. Tianjin is an ideal place for most people to study with a developed economy. There are many good universities in Tianjin. Among them, Tianjin University and Nankai University, which are among key construction universities in "Project 985"  are the strongest. Not only are they ranked in the forefront of the country, they are also very famous in the world.

1. Universities in Tianjin: Tianjin University

Tianjin University China has a long history. It was first established in 1895. It was formerly known as Beiyang University. It is the first modern university in China. It is of great historical significance. Tianjin University is also one of the outstanding universities in Tianjin. 

If you want to study at a university in Tianjin, Tianjin University China is a good choice. The school currently has 75 undergraduate majors covering multiple disciplines, with 30 first-level discipline doctoral programs and 42 first-level discipline master programs. In the fourth round of the Ministry of Education's discipline evaluation, 25 disciplines were on the list, and 14 disciplines were in the A category. Among them, the evaluation of chemical engineering and technology was A+, which is very excellent.

2. Universities in Tianjin: Nankai University

Nankai University China is a key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education. It started in 1904 and was established in 1919. Nankai University is also one of the top universities in Tianjin. The school has a very complete range of disciplines. At present, there are 92 undergraduate majors, 31 first-level discipline doctoral degree programs, and 11 first-level discipline master's degree programs. In the fourth round of the Ministry of Education's subject evaluation, 35 subjects were on the list, of which 14 were A-category subjects, 5 were assessed as A, and 9 were assessed as A-.

3. Universities in Tianjin: Tianjin Medical University

The predecessor of Tianjin Medical University, Tianjin Medical College, was founded in 1951. It is a higher medical school approved by the Government Administration Council of the Central People's Government of China. In June 1994, Tianjin Medical College and Tianjin Second Medical College merged to form Tianjin Medical University. In 1996, the school was identified as a key construction university in the national "211 Project". In September 2017, the school was selected as one of the first batch of national "First-Class  Universities and Disciplines of the World". 

Among the universities in Tianjin, Tianjin Medical University has strong strength in medicine, including clinical medicine, stomatology, preventive medicine, medical imaging technology, and nursing.

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