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Xi'an International Studies University

  • Category Public University
  • Attribute Provincial high-level universities
  • City Xi'an
  • Preponderant Discipline
  • Key Majors
  • Total Students 20000
  • International Students /
  • Program Taught in English
  • Monthly Living Cost(RMB) 1100
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Doctor Degree

General Information of Xi'an International Studies University

The university covers a total area of 1,593 mu, with a construction area of 801,000 square meters. School vigorously promote the construction of smart campus, cable, wireless network, quality network teaching resources rich digital campus and other public service platform gradually built, with wisdom classroom, multilingual translation experimental teaching center, international financial investment and business comprehensive simulation experimental teaching center, northeast Asia research multimodal laboratory, collaborative innovation laboratory and other modern laboratory, the school classroom multimedia facilities equipped rate of 100%. The library's literature collection covers 54 languages, including 2,463 Chinese and foreign language newspapers and periodicals, and 65 databases. The school has been awarded the honorary titles of "Safe Campus" and "Civilized Unit Model" and so on in Shaanxi Province.

Majors in Xi'an International Studies University

The university covers 7 disciplines of literature, economics, management, law, education, science and art, including 13 doctoral majors in foreign language and literature, 65 master's majors in translation, master of Chinese international education, master of tourism management, 52 undergraduate majors and 7 minor majors. There are more than 20,000 doctoral students, master's students, undergraduate students, foreign students and training students of various kinds. (Statistics as of March 2018)

Scientific research strength

The university has strong scientific research strength, The Polish Research Center and the Northeast Asia Research Center have been filed by the National and Regional Research Center of the Ministry of Education, The South Asian Research Center was approved as the "Belt and Road" National and Regional Research and Cultivation Center of the National Ethnic Affairs Commission, The Belt and road Language Service Collaborative Innovation Center is the Shaanxi Province 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center, The European and American Literature Research Center, the Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics Research Center, and the International Institute of Public Opinion and International Communication are the key research bases for philosophy and social sciences in Shaanxi (universities), It has five major research institutes, including the Institute of Foreign Language and Literature, Translation and Cross-Culture, Regional and National Research institutes, International Institute of International Public Opinion, International Institute of Communication, and Humanities and Social Sciences, and 46 university-level research institutions, Form a relatively complete and has a certain scale of foreign language and interdisciplinary scientific research system, It has undertaken a number of scientific research projects funded by the national, provincial, ministerial and foreign Ministry of Culture, High-quality large dictionaries, monographs, translations, papers, and textbooks have been published."Foreign language teaching" humanities geography "" xi 'an foreign languages university and other academic journals is a certain influence in domestic and foreign academic Chinese humanities and social sciences and Chinese geography core journal, including "foreign language teaching"  "humanities geography" journal selected CSSCI source journal, "journal of xi' an foreign languages university" for CSSCI extended source journal and Peking university "Chinese core journal overview".Foreign Language Teaching and Human Geography have been continuously awarded "China's International Influential Excellent Academic Journal" and "China's Most International Influential Academic Journal".

International Cooperation and Exchange in The University

The university insists on giving full play to its own advantages, extensively carrying out international exchanges and cooperation, and has successively signed cooperation agreements with 270 colleges and universities and scientific research institutions in 49 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Russia. , Implement joint training programs for talents at different levels of academic, master, and doctoral degrees; carry out academic exchange and cooperation projects such as teacher-student mutual assignment, mutual recognition of credits, mutual award of degrees, and joint holding of international conferences; introduction of overseas visits from the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Hong Kong Learning and internship projects. The school was identified by the Ministry of Education as a partner institution for the training program for young backbone teachers abroad and the international exchange program for outstanding undergraduate students. Computer-based test) and HSKK test center unit.

Scholarship in the University

International students in Xi'an International Studies University can apply for Chinese government scholarships, Confucius Academy scholarship, Confucius Institute scholarship, Confucius Institute scholarship or Central Asian Academy scholarship before entering school. After entering school, they still have the opportunity to apply for scholarships for foreign students in Shaanxi Province and Xi'an for their academic performance and other comprehensive performance. In addition, there are also Shaanxi Provincial Government Scholarship, Xi’an City Government Scholarship and Xi'an International Studies University Scholarship.